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Tailor your communication for maximum impact with our customizable solutions.


Direct your attention to the mission and extend your outreach with our solutions.

Let your American Telecommunications Network system handle the tasks, allowing you to concentrate on your cause. Utilize our Auto Attendant feature to project the presence of a Fortune 500 company, increasing efficiency without additional overhead. Customize phone greetings and group texts to promote upcoming events or fundraising goals. Our versatile communication system enables your non-profit to work seamlessly from the office, on the road, or at home. Stay connected with calls and texts on the go using our mobile app, all while maintaining your non-profit’s caller ID. Eliminate busy signals with the benefit of free unlimited lines for uninterrupted communication.


Features That Can Be Adjusted to Meet Your Specialized Needs

For non-profits, handling numerous requests and inquiries is a common occurrence. Whether it’s addressing volunteer concerns, responding to donor queries, or aiding those in need, we ensure constant connectivity for your organization. Access our free and customizable suite of features, including SMS messaging, CRM integration, full-time call recording, and more. Even in the event of an internet outage, our cellular contingency service ensures your phones keep ringing without compromising call clarity. With American Telecommunications Network, you never miss an emergency call, a plea for help, or a crucial donation opportunity.


Expand your reach without expanding costs with our cost-effective solutions.

Are you striving to enhance your impact, but finding it challenging with a phone system that doesn’t grow alongside your needs? Our scalable and customizable phone systems are designed to assist non-profits in raising awareness, rallying and engaging volunteers, and achieving fundraising goals more efficiently. With American Telecommunications Network, you can achieve all of this without straining your budget. Many businesses actually save money on their monthly bills. Our user-friendly and reliable system comes without extra costs or hidden fees. Explore our plans to enjoy enterprise features at small business pricing and witness the benefits for yourself!

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