VOIP For Government Use

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Enhancing productivity to better serve the public.


Seamless integration paves the way for expansion and progress.

Our objective is to equip your agency with cutting-edge communication technology, allowing you to concentrate on your district’s goals. At American Telecommunication Network, we understand that you can’t afford disruptions during a communication system transition. That’s why we are committed to seamlessly integrating high-quality, scalable communication services into your agency without any setup hassle. We ensure your new system is ready to use with minimal downtime, guiding you through its capabilities so you can fully leverage all that American Telecommunication Network has to offer.


Enhance your outreach efforts with our suite of scalable features.

Stay ahead of the curve as your district’s needs evolve. Scale effortlessly to meet unique demands by adding and customizing features, including SMS messaging, a dial-by-name directory, and an auto attendant. Leverage advanced features such as conference bridges, call recordings for later playback, time-based routing, and mobile service for when you’re out of the office. Whatever your requirements, our suite of scalable features is designed to keep you covered.


Ensure stable and secure access for your district’s communication needs.

At American Telecommunication Network, we take pride in seamlessly integrating our system with yours while prioritizing security. Our VoIP technology ensures the safety and organization of caller information. Additionally, you can trust in the reliability of our service, as our triple redundant data centers guarantee the highest industry standard of 99.999% uptime. With a stable connection, you can stay consistently connected, reassuring your supporters that you’ll be there for them when they need you.

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