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Advanced Phone Solutions Tailored for Automotive Sales and Service


Take control of incoming calls and stay in the driver’s seat of your communication.

For your substantial business, settling for a system that can’t meet your needs is not an option. Whether for service, sales, or general inquiries, your customers deserve a smooth transfer to the right extension without any hassle. American Telecommunication Network ensures your customers experience a quick and seamless call journey, facilitated by either an on-site receptionist or our virtual auto attendant.


Ensure uninterrupted connectivity to prevent any loss of business opportunities.

At American Telecommunication Network, we take pride in our industry-leading standard of 99.999% uptime, ensuring you never have to worry about outages. Unlike traditional analog phone services and some other VoIP providers that lack backup plans, we offer an integrated cellular failover option. This ensures your phones stay connected, mitigating the risk of chaos and profit loss, and allowing your business to thrive consistently.


From the initial call to the ultimate sale.

Empower your Dealerships to maintain productivity and efficiency with the capability to analyze call trends, review recordings, and establish customized call-flows for each department. Whether you manage a single location or multiple dealerships, we provide you with the tools to decrease abandonment rates and ensure clear communication throughout the conversation.

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